“Acupuncture and the use of the medicinal herbs are holistic therapies. The duo covers all levels of the body and will maximize therapeutic effect. On one hand, acupuncture acts on the meridian network throughout the body, on the other, medicinal herbs act on internal organs through deeper penetration.”

-Valery Yuabov Lic. Acu., Diplomate O.M.

What is Acupuncture?

Chinese medicine teaches us that our bodies contain a network of pathways where vital energy flows. Those pathways are called meridians and energy is called Qi (or Chi). When meridians get obstructed, energy flow is disrupted, and ailments occur.

Acupuncture involves the insertion of thin, sterile needles at specific body points along meridians. The therapeutic effects of those points reestablish energy flow and bring your body back into balance.

Medicinal Herbs

No remedy on this planet is as ancient as herbs. Several thousands of years of collected knowledge regarding the qualities of medicinal herbs are used by holistic practitioners today. Various herbs are mixed into formulas based on certain fundamental principles. These formulas influence your body’s physiology and pathology by addressing specific conditions.

Why would we combine Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine? ​​

Acupuncture and medicinal herbs are holistic therapies. Acupuncture acts on the meridian network throughout the body. Medicinal herbs act on internal organs and penetrate problem areas/sites deeper than acupuncture points. The dual impact of herbs and acupuncture will cover all levels of the body and will maximize the therapeutic effect.


Examination (pulse and tongue diagnosis) is complimentary (free).

Insurances accepted. Please inquire within.

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What Our Patients Say

A family member referred me to Val due to my unhappiness with conventional medicine. I started treatment with Val and I am very happy with his attention to my specific need and the straightforward, honest evaluation of the condition. I recommend Val to anyone who seeks honesty and gentle, holistic treatment.
Jenny McFadden

I have struggled with insomnia and frequent headaches most of my adult life. Valery prescribed an herbal tea which has greatly improved my sleep and reduced the frequency of my headaches. I highly recommend!
Laurie Jusino

I’ve my chronic tendomuscular pain for many years now. When I found out about acupuncture treatments from Valery, I decided to try it. That was about three months ago, and between acupuncture and the herbal formulas tailored specifically for me and my individual needs, I have noticed a big difference! I have less overall pain, more energy and my anxiety has been greatly reduced. In fact, I trust it so much that my husband and youngest daughter have just started treatment, as well!
Jamie Fick

For years I suffered from acid reflux, headaches, bloating and distention after meals. I started to see Valery for acupuncture and herbs. After about three months of acupuncture and herbal teas my headaches and acid reflux have diminished, and bloating is nearly gone. It’s amazing how these wonder herbs have helped in such a short period of time.
Julianne Sheshane

My teenage son suffered from frequent winter colds, nasal discharge and ear infections. He used inhalers for recurrent shortness of breath. Herbs from Valery improved my son’s condition so much that he now breathes normally. No more colds, nasal dripping or ear problems!
Sofia R.

I have suffered from anxiety, chronic muscle tightness in neck, shoulders and low back. My condition is also complicated because I am expecting a baby soon. Valery’s treatments provide significant relief. After I deliver, I will start taking botanicals to further my improvement.
Alyson Carberry

I am a health professional. For a long time, I suffered from erectile dysfunction. Because of herbal decoctions from Valery Yuabov I returned to normal sexual activity.
Peter M.