Auto Accident Injury Treatment In Huntington, New York

Anyone involved in a car crash in New York can seek chiropractic care from our chiropractor in Huntington, even if there are no apparent signs of injury. Underlying injuries, such as whiplash and spinal cord compression, can result in chronic pain, long-term damage, or disability. Timely treatment at West Hills Chiropractic Pain PC helps to minimize the extent of the injuries and alleviate various symptoms. The treatment modalities offered can effectively address neck and back pain, herniated discs, and symptoms linked to vertebral misalignment.

Common Accident Injuries

Here is a list of injuries typically seen in auto accident:

  • Whiplash: Joint or tissue damage to the neck
  • Head Injuries: Head wounds, contusions, and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or concussion
  • Spinal Injuries: Spinal cord compression, herniated discs, and dislocated joints
  • Joint or Bone Injuries: Fractured or broken ribs, shoulder, hip, or knee
  • Soft Tissue Injuries: Seatbelt bruises, or muscle, tendon, or ligament strains or sprains

Typical Symptoms Following a Car Crash

Depending on the nature of your injury, you may experience sudden back or neck pain, anxiety, headaches, migraines, stiffness, swelling, or body aches. Shoulder, arm, hip, knee, or leg pain may occur as well. A pinched nerve may trigger sciatica, which is nerve pain, and numbness, tingling, or weakness of the extremities. Note that whiplash may not cause symptoms until days, weeks, or months later. This increases the risk of debilitating neck pain, stiffness, or loss of mobility.

Auto Accident Injury Treatment by Our Huntington Chiropractor

Your comprehensive evaluation will involve an assessment of your visible injuries and symptoms. An X-ray, MRI, or CT scan is typically done to look for problems affecting the spinal column and nervous system. Dr. Mills can perform spinal adjustments, joint realignment, or spinal decompression to address spine and musculoskeletal injuries that cannot be adequately treated with pain medication.

Spinal adjustment focuses on realigning the spine by mobilizing the joints, bones, and soft tissue. The technique is performed manually or using a special hand-held tool. Repositioning the spine relieves restrictions, alleviates pain, increases flexibility, and regulates nervous system function.

Spinal decompression is a non-surgical therapy performed by our chiropractor. It effectively relieves disc pain and sciatica by taking pressure off the discs and spinal cord. Decompression therapy works by stretching the spine to make space between the bones, thereby, allowing the displaced disc material to pull back into position.

Physical rehabilitation therapy involves stretches and corrective exercises to strengthen the muscles and joints, increase range of motion, and restore balance.

Long-term Healing Starts with Chiropractic Care

At West Hills Chiropractic Pain PC, we’re committed to providing personalized care to help you recover and regain full function. Remember, prompt treatment by our chiropractor can reduce the risk of surgery and help with filing an insurance claim. Call our Huntington, New York, office at 631-659-2980 to schedule an appointment.