Huntington chiropractor specializes in disc herniation treatment

At West Hills Chiropractic Pain PC, we specialize in the treatment of disc herniations, but our expertise extends beyond to incorporate other conditions. We also focus on treating specific types of injuries obtained in wrecks, sports and falls. For the chronic sciatica or migraine sufferer, our Huntington staff is also ready to develop a comprehensive plan for both temporary and long-term relief.

Wreck injuries

Car accidents are a prime cause of new spinal alignment injuries. The sudden impact of collision can lead to a variety of problems, including spinal cord compression and whiplash. Sometimes you feel the difference in your body immediately with a fractured or broken bone, and other times the pain develops over time as joint or tissue damage begins to cause consistent pain.

Left untreated, these injuries can also create additional problems in the body as your legs, arms and all points beyond work to compensate for injured area. A comprehensive examination will include both obvious injuries and symptoms and an assessment of underlying causes and potential problems with the spinal column or nervous system.

Spinal Decompression

Our office uses spinal decompression to relieve the pressure on your intervertebral discs. You are stabilized on a table with moving parts and sensor. A computer is used to program the stretch needed in your spine to alleviate your symptoms. As the table separates, the sensors monitor your body and adjust the program as needed based on the response your muscles. By providing space in the spine, the pressure on a bulging or herniated disc is released, providing an opportunity for it to move back in place.

Spinal Decompression is sometimes a standalone solution to spinal problems and other times serves as part of a larger treatment plan. We often couple its use with flexion distraction technique, which incorporates manual spinal adjustments, when treating degenerative discs or acute spinal injuries.

Chronic pain treatment

Chronic pain severely interrupts your life, and we are ready to help you with repetitive headaches and migraines or sciatica pain.

You may be wondering how, but you likely already know your migraines start after you experience certain triggers. Many associate triggers with food or scent but do not always consider that back and neck pain can trigger a migraine. Treatment includes assessing your spine for proper alignment to keep nervous system communication open, reducing multiple tension and improving blood flow.

For sciatic pain, a chiropractor will create a personalized treatment plan to relieve nerve pain. By seeking help as soon as possible, you can work to avoid long-term damage to the nerves.

We are here to help

Whether you are experiencing chronic pain or discomfort from a sudden injury, West Hills Chiropractic Pain PC stands ready to help patients in Huntington NY and beyond achieve whole body health through proper spinal alignment.

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