What Is VAX-D?

Vertebral axial decompression therapy or as it’s more commonly known, VAX-D, is a type of therapy that chiropractic patients can try to help deal with back pain from various ailments, including herniated discs and sciatica. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of VAX-D, which is a relative newcomer to the scene of pain management. This type of therapy is beneficial to other options because it’s noninvasive, requiring no recuperation time. VAX-D therapy can be administered by a chiropractor at West Hills Chiropractic Pain in Huntington.

Some doctors may advise surgery to patients who suffer from back pain, and while surgeons are skilled and technology has advanced to the point of fewer risks. Few patients are ideal for back surgery, which is invasive and requires a long time to heal. The required time may be extended by certain health and lifestyle factors such as smoking or being overweight. Back surgery that does not heal properly can even leave patients in greater pain than they were in prior to surgery, which is why VAX-D is such an appealing option.

During a typical appointment, the patient will lie down on a special table that’s computerized and split down a table. They remain in place due to a pelvic harness. Patients reach forward to grasp two hand grips. In treatment, the table spreads, and the patient’s back stretches. Patients can release the grips at any time to stop the table from spreading if it causes discomfort. Each session is just 45 minutes long.

By stretching the back, VAX-D relieves the pressure caused by herniated discs and other conditions. You might not realize it, but there is pressure on your spine even when you’re at rest, and this special table truly relieves that pressure. Developed by Allan E. Dyer, MD, Ph.D., VAX-D can be effective at relieving back pain in as few as 20 sessions.

However, not every patient is an ideal candidate for vertebral axial decompression therapy. People with spine infections, tumors, or arthritis as well as osteoporosis, and cancer, among other conditions, can undergo X-rays to determine if VAX-D is right for them.

Occasionally, VAX-D can result in irritation to the rotator cuff muscles and overstretching of the back muscles. Some patients experience sharp pain during sessions as well. Patients should never undergo VAX-D without guidance from a skilled practitioner who can minimize the risk of adverse side effects. Many changes report positive effects, however.

VAX-D Can Work for You

Patients in Huntington, New York can call West Hills Chiropractic Pain PC today at (631) 659-2980 if they suspect vertebral axial decompression therapy is the right option to provide pain relief without back surgery.